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Bringing melatonin and sleep together to support the lives of children with ADHD.

For many sufferers, the impacts of childhood ADHD are exacerbated by sleep disruption2.

Research recognises that this frequently results in a significant range of developmental issues, from family difficulties to compromised educational progress, often with wider implications3.

Previously, UK healthcare providers haven't had a licensed melatonin product specifically for sleep disorders in children with ADHD as part of their treatment armoury.

Until now, prescribers have had to consider off-label adult-indicated alternatives. For many this was far from ideal, whilst for others it was a difficult professional choice to make, creating friction between professionals as they try to develop shared care agreements for these patients4.

Adaflex from AGB Pharma answers this treatment dilemma. It introduces prescribing clarity with a range of 5 different strengths of indication-specific melatonin dedicated to sleep disruption associated with childhood ADHD1.

Adaflex also uses a non-modified standard tablet to help influence circadian rhythm without delay, allowing Adaflex to be used 30 - 60 minutes before bedtime1.

This clear, simplified and expanded treatment choice aims to enhance the ability of prescribers to respond to the issues experienced, supporting parents and tailoring care closer to the needs of the individual child.


Adaflex is indicated for Insomnia in children aged 6-17 years with ADHD, where sleep hygiene measures have been insufficient*1. Research indicates that as many as 5% of children suffer from ADHD5.

In the UK that's approaching 395,000 6-17-year-olds7, with up to 50% of them suffering from sleep disruption6.

Adaflex aims to help ease this complex and continuing care situation with a unique range of 1mg to 5mg melatonin specifically indicated for healthcare professional prescription use, to address the problem of sleep disruption in children with ADHD.

This builds on positive NICE data, the findings of which recognise that 87.8% of parents who treat their child with melatonin consider it an effective therapy, particularly with sleep onset8.

*Adaflex is also indicated for the short-term treatment of jet lag in adults1.

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Adaflex is available in 1mg - 5mg dose strengths. All in packs of 30 tablets. The range of strengths and pricing structure has been developed to help healthcare professionals move up and down the strengths to find the best fit for their patient.

Adaflex is available to order via the major UK wholesalers AHH, Alliance and Phoenix Numark.

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Trade Price (NHS Price)PIP codePack SizeUnit EAN
Adaflex 1 mg Tablets£13.30419233230 tablets7350116410440
Adaflex 2 mg Tablets£15.30419234030 tablets7350116410457
Adaflex 3 mg Tablets£17.60419231630 tablets7350116410464
Adaflex 4 mg Tablets£20.23419232430 tablets7350116410471
Adaflex 5 mg Tablets£23.27419235730 tablets7350116410488

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