Better sleep health

for everyone

AGB-Pharma works to improve treatment paths for any patient living with sleep disorders and to be the healthcare sector’s primary sleep health partner.

Night is the
Mother of Day

From ancient Egypt to Freud, sleep has always been a mystery. A door to another world. A glimpse of secret messages – or even the future.

The reality is simpler. We sleep because the brain and body need to be repaired and restored. Everyone knows how it feels after a restless night – you stagger bent and broken out into the light.

But poor sleep health is rarely a simple problem – and just as rarely has a simple solution. After all, sleep is about people, and people are complicated. And sometimes many efforts are needed for night and day to end up in the right place – from simply putting down the phone to medication.

Regardless, AGB-Pharma is dedicated to supporting good sleep health for everyone. Not for the sake of the night.
But for the sake of the day.

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